SQ12 Camera Mini Review

SQ12 Camera Mini Review
Everyone is racing to have more pixels, better stabilisation and many other features. And I'm here with my little cube taken from the pocket and smiling :)
Video version of my review recorded using SQ12

Your New Little Friend

Keep it in your pocket. As a key chain almost. Because the best camera is one that you have with you. SQ12 is a pure example that confirms that statement.

SQ12 in a pocket

Some may say that we already have smartphones with us all the time. That's true. Now go and try to put the phone on some surface and record yourself. Or leave it behind to record those fake second operator shots. Or attach it to your bike or bottom of the car. You got the idea.

Video Look

I really like the overall look of the footage. In terms of quality is on pair with those potatoes I bought. But in terms of style it is something special. It fits perfectly with a lomography philosophy.

"Lomography is a genre of photography, involving taking spontaneous photographs with minimal attention to technical details. Lomographic images often exploit unpredictable non-standard optical traits of cheap toy camera." as said in Wikipedia.

Still I wanted to have at last descent colors and exposition. That's why I add post-processing while editing. Using excelent DaVinci Resolve it was quite easy and the result is stunning. Take a look:

Stock vs post-processed frame
Stock vs post-processed frame
Stock vs post-processed frame
Stock vs post-processed frame
Stock vs post-processed frame
Stock vs post-processed frame
Stock vs post-processed frame

And now that I have this setting saved I can just drag-and-drop it to future recordings.


It's a black box with two buttons. One turns camera and then works as a shutter button. The other one changes modes: 1080p, 720p and photo. I use the 720p as it's good enough and the files are smaller.

Light & Size

Literally a pocket friendly camera. I keep it with me all the time. If I feel the need to record or say something it's right there.

Its lightweight is also important when I want to attach it to the drone. My drone is small and don't designed for caring any cameras. SQ12 is light and small enough to bypass this limitation. Also there is a piece of metal inside that just adds artificial weight. For normal usage it's OK as it makes the camera more stable but for FPV purposes I suggest removing it. Even without modifications it weights just 17 grams!


I did not say anything about accessories. And there are a bunch of clips and stands. The most awesome thing is this cute waterproof cage. It's a pure example of kawaii! Those are nice additions that just adds to the overall value.

All those attachements contradict it's portability and I will not use them very often. Camera is a cube - it's easy to put it on any surface. But the underwater functionality may be useful someday.


What can I say more that I super happy with SQ12 camera. I highly recommend it especialy for the price you can get it. It will not win with the GoPro or any other modern camera. But do you have one in the pocket right now?