Simple HTML Websites Are The Pure Essence of The Internet

Simple HTML Websites Are The Pure Essence of The Internet

I have made small "homepage" sites as long as I have internet connection. I always liked the simplicity of the process. And instant portability as the only thing I needed to give was an URL.

Those days you need to have a framework, few libraries and lot of clear white spaces with huge fonts.

Some times I need to make a small sub-page for some event or particular project. And few days ago I done exactly that. A page for our booth at PGA 2018.

It has all the essentials of what we showed. Even business cards and tactical cookies.

And doing that page I get to that post title. Having own server plugged to the internet I felt like a true part of that global community. Making this simple website was pure fun. And using just HTML it is so easy. Just a few lines of CSS for basic formatting. And I have a page that I can edit live, because it's so easy to do and so hard to make fatal a mistake.

This site is super secure (there's nothing to hack), lightweight and will render properly in almost all browsers, including text-based.


I did the same thing for PGA 2015. Still looks nice.

Looking at that old page and the new one I realized another thing. Each of them are different and unique. Each have it's own mood. And if this was just an entry in main page it would just have different dates and links. That's why we have there only a list of events.

That's why I promote making such pages. For historic and artistic touch.