My story to self-host everything!

According to the Wikipedia article we learn that it's all about hosting  web services on own hardware. Owning both (software and hardware) sides of the experience.

Consuming Media


My RSS feeds in FreshRSS

You can test the service here:

Calibre Web

I use Calibre with synchronized database on all devices. Now I added web front-end to that database. It's super easy to check for a book I have or don't have. Also if someone want to "borrow" I can just login and download any of my owned books.

Few of my books in Calibre Web

Office / Collaboration


This is very interesting and polished tool. That's how authors advertise it:

Collaborate in Confidence
Grow your ideas together with shared documents while Zero Knowledge technology secures your privacy; even from us.

All the colours of CryptPad

I will make a more detailed review. It's already in a draft state.

You can test the service here:


This is a vector drawing program with collaboration. Anyone (with a link) can participate and modify the art.

EtherDraw example painting

You can test the service here:


Spreadsheet is one of the most essential office tools I use. It's my budget, notes, calculator. And for anything that needs column-based design.

Spreadsheet with friends on EtherCalc

EtherCalc is very limited and has very odd user interface. But it works. And I did not find anything competing.

You can test the service here:


Another member of the Ether* family is EtherPad. It is a richtext word processor. As others it works in real time with multiple users. It is very simple but have one nice feature - embedded mode. It can be used as a whiteboard solution for any page/post.

Alone in EtherPad

I'll be testing EtherPad and decide if I want to keep it or use CryptPad instead.

You can test the service here:

Monitoring and analyzing


Most essential tool, the one I install first, is Portainer. This nifty web app is a dream for any Docker administrator. I can edit, clone and manage all toe containers. The UI is clear and easy enough.

All the containters in portainer


The only true stats I prefer. This stats don't lie, don't use java-script and looks like a page form the 90's. It's perfect.

Perect report from awstats


This one is for serious commercial sites. It's the open and free alternative to the Google Analytic. But looks better.

Matomo dashboard


Using cadvisor and collectd I have now professional dashboard with live measurements.

Sample dashboard in Chronograf



We don't use it yet. It's live right now for testing and backup if Discord will be down. It's as good or even better than Slack/Discord/etc. The main problem is that this fixes problem that I don't have. Discord is good for now. But this can change any time so it's good to have plan b.

RocketChat default room

You can test the service here:


Slick and solid IRC web client. It does one thing and one thing only. This will be the main communication hub for upcoming events.

TheLounge interface

You can test the service here:


To run all of those services I needed few databases.

  • Redis
  • MariaDB
  • MongoDB
  • InfluxDB


For all the HTML pages I use normal Apache2 with Let's Encrypt Certbot for SSL certification. Most pages are made from scratch. Some are powered by jekyll and bashblog.

Synchronization and Backup

For now I don't have a full backup solution. The server have RAID-1 setup with two HDDs. This is the last peace of the puzzle. I have some ideas how to handle it automatically. I just need to find a time to make it work. Soon!





Planned to Deploy

  • gitea - GitHub is nice but it's also a Microsoft service now..
  • jitsi, hublin or any other conferencing solution