RTX on

RTX on

There was a time when 3D accelerators were new on the market. When Quake 2 with Voodoo shows what computers can do in real time. Those was very exciting times.

Now 22 years later here we are with Quake 2 showing latest RTX capabilities. Welcome to the 2019!

Quake II RTX aka Q2VKPT

To really see what RTX can do for you there is only one way to do it right now. Quake II vulkan-enabled, ray-traced engine named q2vkpt.

Equiped with Geforce 2060 I was ready to go. I made few sample maps to experiment with.  Just look...

The results are stunning! I cant beleve how good the lighting can look. And it's a Quake II. This 1997 Quake II but with a modern renderer.


You need to have RTX-enabled hardware (and software drivers) to do anything. Then Quake itself. Debian/Ubuntu have Quake II in the repository. Just install it (demo). Then compile q2vkpt as in the readme. Last part is the best one: run the binary and see the light rays!

I'm writing a seperate article on mapping for RTX with more detailed instructions. Also stock  maps are too dark. Custom mapping is the killer feature here ;)

Stay tuned.