Play It Again: Piradice, BitWars, PooM

Game Development Oct 6, 2018

First successful games I made are now online again!


Turn based strategy game about pirates and daemons. And dices obviously. Made on my own engine in pure JavaScript.

Awesome music made by Przemysław Sikorski.

This game was selected for the first Pixel Heaven Indie Basement! It was the first time I showed my game at event and even meet with a fan. Also thanks to this game I meet Rezoner!

Play the game at!


Bit wars is a very simple but still engaging strategy game. Rock/paper/scissors battles. The twist is in the terrain. Players do not move units but change the terrain instead.

Play the game at


This is a cute 4-players smash. Players can jump, put bombs. Each player collects hearts of its own colour. If he fail to do that he lose one of his own.

Play the game at


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