Paradise Volley Update #2

Paradise Volley Update #2


So far I was able to migrate the core game-play. I scaled all the items and set the graphics settings (aka how many grass we see) a little bit lower to have constant 60fps. This game is unplayable without fluid 60fps. 75fps is even better but we upgraded our 19" 4:3 75Hz Dell to a 40" 60Hz industrial-grade NEC.

At this phase I wanted to have at last a working game so the rest of the team can work on it. Mostly Pieczarka on the sound effects and soundtrack.

alpha1 screenshot
Intro for the Alpha1 release

Source Code

The sources to this release are available at GitHub.


Next I need to tweak the mood of the game and create an island with few possible spaces for game. Players will be able to choose the background.

Then some kick-ass intro and a menu. Last thing will be the scoring system.