Mystic Treasure Hunt - Update #1

Game Development Nov 12, 2018

To learn 3D game development I made a w test project - Island of Shaders. From that experiments I created the grass and terrain shader. Having that I then moved to the new project - Mystic Treasure Hunt. It was a complete rewrite with the knowledge I gain.

Grid-based Movement

One of the problems of the new terrain is how to detects walkable and non walkable parts. Also making a map where player can move everywhere is very hard. It will uncover all the ticks.

To fix this I tested the grid-based movement. Script reads 1bit 64x64 texture that make the map of movements. White is walkable.


Here is a short demo of the movement.


This part needed a proper texture. And with my pixel art skill I managed to make it look good with 3D enviroment. It's smoothed and shaded.

New HUD and Theme

Upgrading Terrain

From simple flat island to this.

This bridge

I needed a nice bridge. One that will say "I'm important". I thing I did a good job in Wings3D.

Steam Play

The game requirements are very high. That's reasonable. But thanks to this new technology called Steam Play I can stream games from PC to any device.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A + Steam Play

Stay tuned for more gamedev blog posts about that project.

Latest code available at GitHub.


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