IBM Server Migration Part #7

IBM Server Migration Part #7


30-day uptime achieved! No problems occurred during that time. There were power loses (UPS works) and one instance of no network (I pulled the RJ45 by accident and went to work).

Services reduction

I take notice that cadvisor take consonantly about 20% CPU time. That's ridiculous. I stopped the container. Also I stopped chronograf. It was nice but the usefulness was low. Server is doing most of the time the same thing and sacrificing space/performance just to look at the same stats but with a super nice GUI is not enough.


I moved most of the important sites. Those that left are mostly our small games demos or some testing/deprecated projects. I'll be adding new only if I need too.


This part is still not finished not started. And it's the most important. I'll do manual backup ASAP and then try to automate that.