IBM Server Migration Part #1

IBM Server Migration Part #1

For many years I have a Raspberry Pi servers. They host all of our (P1X) sites and few services like syncthing and ethercalc. It worked very well but it's time to make an upgrade.

I bought and IBM x3250 (rack mounted) server. It have 4GB ram and Xeon CPU. A big upgrade from ARMv6. I don't have hard drives yet so I plugged old SSD for now. It's planned to have 2x250GB SATA in RAID1.


I choose Debian minimal install. Then I added some nice things like new MOTD.

$ apt install linuxlogo
$ linux_logo > /etc/motd

7.4K Bogomips! :)

And then all the usual suspects like Apache2, MySQL, Cerbot, vsftpd, awstats. Finishing with iptables that don't like incoming traffic so much.


I always wanted to have SSL. Not that I need it badly as most of our sites are HTML only (jekyll, bashblog). But mostly for learning.

Let's encrypt (cerbot!) and domains isolation makes things secure. is already live with SSL. Serving from this server.

I don't like Google Analytic so I put awstats. Awstats are awesome.


Docker always was a mystery for me. And I wanted to avoid it due to that fact. But after fighting with NPM to install EtherCalc I give up. And after some problems here and there I was able to run few services on it!

In the end it's not that scary if you know how to make your life easier. Like this awesome Docker UI.


This hipster blogging platform is super easy to setup on docker using official release.

Yes. This page you are reading right now.


For testing I'm using old 16GB SSD drive. Right now I still have 2.5G left.

Next Step

Now I have to make ghost SSL enabled and move few more pages.