GodotCon and Poznan Game Arena 2018

GodotCon and Poznan Game Arena 2018

Five days of events

Staring from 10 Nov till 14 Nov we were at the Poznan International Fair.

First two days was Polish edition of GodtCon. An small event dedicated Godot Engine community.

Last three days was PGA. The VIP day, the zombie Saturday and the super slow Sunday.

GodotCon Poz/2018

Very interesting talks. Lot of discussions between core developer and "us". Thanks to czlowiekImadlo we have a livestream recording of this event.

Poznan Game Arena 2018

This is the biggest event in the year. It's most important for us. Each year we meet there all of the indie development community members. We exchange some tip and our experiences. We get the overview of latest games and make a new friends!

This year we have a special guests. Remi, Reduz and other contributors and users of Godot Engine. Time well spend.

I even been able to compete against Reduz in Paradise Volley! He very likes the game. Like most of the players that tried it :)

More information

I made a dedicated page for PGA event. There is also the 2015 page for even more interesting stuff.