Fly your TinyHawk drone indoor with those settings

FPV Mar 18, 2020

If you're new to the freestyle/racing/FPV drone world and get hit hard by the learning curve? I was there also.

It's not that easy to fly this small aircraft. Especially at the beginning. But it can be easier. It all depends on the tuning drone to individual preferences and skills. Stock settings albeit being made for new pilots are not quite that good. At last for me they were too sensitive making the drone flying like crazy. It has the power but for starters it's not needed.

After spending some time trying to fly indoor  I started to mess with the BetaFlight settings. I read a lot of tutorials online but they were all meant for professionals. So I tinker with those setting taking away power and making the drone slower but more stable. And I think I finally nailed them. My flying skills improved over time for sure. But the change before and after those tunings was huge. I become a better pilot with just one push of a button.

I thought that I can not keep that to myself as there are probably more people like me - starting this new hobby - and struggling with flying. So to make the world a better place here are my BetaFlight settings.

Those are combined from Project Mockingbird with my tunings. Just remember those will not make you an instantly better pilot but will help and make the process way faster and fun :)

Happy flying

UPDATE: I added turtle mode (if you change to the 4-blade propellers ) and remap modes. You can download my BetaFlight backup file for ease of use.

UPDATE2: After week or two with those settings and flaying each day I increase my skill. Now I changed to PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD v4 for TinyHawk tune and slowly getting used to it (still Angle mode).