FLOPPINUX Update 0.2.1

FLOPPINUX Update 0.2.1
After finding the perfect spot between size and usability I was able to concentrate on the application side of the project.

I updated the logo and typography. The OS boots fast and is configured in KIOSK mode. It can only run one application for the user.

New logo and a floppy with FLOPPINUX 0.2.1

0.2.1 Changelog

Booting FLOPPINUX 0.2.1


I also updated Linux kernel to the latest git version 5.13.0-rc2+.


Now there is an option that ask to run embedded application or interactive shell. This was requested by the reader.


As I mentioned the first thing after initialization is done that runs is this script:


It clears the screen and runs my actual application.


This script is the main Nomad Diskmag reader. It shows /home/cover first and then /home/toc that holds table of content. The script will always back to this toc file.

Nomad Diskmag for FLOPPINUX

Each article is taken from /home/txt/<filename> and just piped to the less command for easy navigation.


Exiting the app will show good by text and exit terminal. Returning to the terminal starts the app once again. In theory users can not do any harm to the system.

Even it they would manage to change anything - restarting will bring back the whole system from original image.



qemu-system-i386 -fda floppinux.img

Have fun!

Floppy with FLOPPINUX 0.2.1