When I started this project I don't think that anyone will ever use it. To my surprise many people are interested with it. I'm happy about this and obligated to continue refining it.

For this small update I did a slightly refactor of the code. I removed Nomad Diskmag content as it's not ready yet and not needed here. I replaced it with sample script.

Nomad Diskmag will be continued as a fork from FLOPPINUX.

Changelog 0.2.2

  • now the application is in the /app/ directory
  • starting point for script is /app/init
  • added few example usages in the script (showing file, reading article, run command, jump to console)
  • build on 64-bit host system
  • way smaller filesystem and tools (thanks to pappp!)
Sample Application Menu/ToC



Read how to make it on 64-bit system and have even smaller footprint at https://bits.p1x.in/how-to-build-32-bit-floppinux-on-a-64-bit-os/.