CryptPad Review

Web Server Oct 20, 2018

Secure, confident, multi-user, real-time collaboration tool.

Collaborate in Confidence
Grow your ideas together with shared documents while Zero Knowledge technology secures your privacy; even from us.


This is the dashboard, online drive, home page. It's similar to the GDocs but much clear and usable. Each user have 50MB space for privet files.

Nice feature that all Crypt apps have is connection quality indicator in the corner. I sit next to the server so it is excellent. I will test it offsite in the future.

CryptPad - Drive

One of the problems with EtherPad/Calc is that there are no users and files. You need to remember the URL. But in CryptPad I can login and see all my files.

Templates are very useful when you need them. In other words you'll probably never use them but when you really need them they will save your day.

Rich text

Easy to use word processor. It looks clear and have only the essentials. With real-time saving and e2e encryption it's one of the best solutions for writing serious documents.

CryptPad - Rich text document

And then we can give the link to someone for peer review. There are view-only and edit-enabled links.


It's main purpose is to edit source code files with many programmers at the same time. But I use it mostly for one thing - markdown.

CryptPad - Code document

There are many markdown editors out there. But they all the same. So having it bundled in CryptPad it's just a nice bonus that I use.

I definitely see future where I need to edit/show/backup a source file and this tool will just wait to be used. But for now markdown is my thing.


I did not use it. I will update this section when i do.

CryptPad - Polls


I did not use it. I will update this section when i do.

CryptPad - Presentation document


I did not use it. I will update this section when i do.

CryptPad - Whiteboard document


I did not use it. I will update this section when i do.

CryptPad - Files


It works on a Xiaomi Redmi 4A. Cheap device. It worked very well on Firefox.

CryptPad on Firefox Mobile

Bottom line

The conclusion is simple - this is one of the best secure/multi-user/real-time/collaboration tool right now. I hope it will gain a spreadsheet application in the future.


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